About Dylan

I am Dylan Styles and I am 27 years old. I was born at Mordialloc Community Hospital and have remained in this district since birth. Kingston is a vibrant enjoyable community to live in and I hope to one day purchase my forever home here in the heart of it.

The Styles family has grown up in Kingston, my parents started the trend over 30 years ago, buying their family home in Edithvale. My siblings and I grew up with many wonderful memories in that house. My mum has worked in the community for over 20 years from the local Mexican restaurant to balancing school PFA committee’s as well as working alongside children with disabilities in kinder.
Currently I work as a young professional in administration. I am President of the Mordialloc College Alumni Association and am extremely proud to be a past scholar. I most recently have learnt Auslan through a wonderful community initiative with Mordialloc Neighbourhood House.

Prior to joining the good fight, I was working with kindergarten inclusion support for kids with disabilities, studying my masters in secondary teaching as well as working in the field of preventing violence against women.
The importance of inclusion and acceptance has always been a priority for me and I believe that Kingston ingrain these values into our community. Kingston is important to me and has played a major role in my life starting from the schools I attended to the community groups I have and am a part of.
* Student leader and member of the student representative council, Mordialloc College (2005- 11)
* Amateur swim club member, Don Tatnell (2007-09)
* Volunteer lifeguard, Mordialloc Life Saving Club (2008-10)
* Holiday Program Leader, Mordialloc Community Centre (2009)
* Vice President, Mordialloc College and Friends historical society (2017-19)

* Member of Kingston Residents Association (KRA)
* Co-Directed a musical at Shirley Burke Theatre
* Volunteer, Mordialloc College Theatre program (2012-13)
* Inaugural Visual Arts Captain, Mordialloc College (2011)
* Teaching placement at Mordialloc College (2015)
* Regular attendee of Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival
* Shirley Burke Theatre attendee
* Board Member and Participant at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House

* Member of Kingston Save Our Streets

The Kingston community, our community is incredible. I love going for beach walks, swimming at the pool, eating fish and chips from the local. We are lucky to have this all at our fingertips. If you spot me in the community, please don’t hesitate to come over and have a chat, for too long our community hasn’t been listened to and its time we open our ears and hear from our locals, the people that make Kingston what it is, wonderful and unique.

About Melaleuca Ward

Melaleuca are indigenous to Kingston, and are common today both in nature reserves, parks, as street trees and add to the biodiversity of our city. The Scented Paperbark (Melaleuca squarrosa), and Swamp Paperbark (Melaleuca ericifolia) line the Mordialloc Creek which is a major feature of this ward and of Kingston.

The Melaleuca Ward encompases the entire suburb of Mordialloc and also includes elements of our vibrant Parkdale community including the Parkdale train station and shops, The Library, Shirley Burke Theatre,  Don Tatnell Pool and Parkdale Plaza.
Please see attached a map to assist you in your understanding of your local ward.